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Established in Jakarta in 1980, CastleAsia manages the Indonesia Country Program (ICP), the largest and most prestigious CEO forum in the country. With over 140 of Indonesia's largest and best corporations and institutions as its member base, the ICP provides a series of written reports and meeting opportunities designed to keep corporate leaders fully informed on the most important economic, political and regulatory issues facing business.

With more than 30 years of experience in Indonesia, CastleAsia is the leader in analyzing the risk and rewards of the Indonesian market and advising executives on their best possible options. The company has an excellent track record of advocacy on policy issues that affect the Private Sector.

CastleAsia also provides timely syndicated reports and publications on important business topics. Among our most recent reports are Indonesian Consumer, Who’s Who in Yudhoyono’s Indonesia and Indonesia’s Infrastructure.


CastleAsia's 61th Semi-Annual Forecast Meeting
Indonesia Country Program Members Breakfast
17 & 23 September 2014

CastleAsia's 60th Semi-Annual Forecast Meeting
Indonesia Country Program Members Breakfast
22 & 30 April 2014

CastleAsia's Breakfast Meeting
Special Program: "Election Analysis"
11 April 2014

CastleAsia's 59th Semi-Annual Forecast Meeting
Indonesia Country Program Members Luncheon/Breakfast
18 September and 25 September, 2013

CastleAsia's 58th Semi-Annual Forecast Meeting
Indonesia Country Program Members Luncheon/Breakfast
17 April and 23 April, 2013

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Jokowi’s Indonesia: A New Sheriff in Town - The Jakarta Globe, 14 Jan. 2015, by James Castle. James Castle is chairman of CastleAsia and a board member of the Australia-Indonesia Center. This article was first posted on the AIC website.

Audio: The Dialog with James Castle, Chairman of Castle Asia James Castle talks to Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asia Studies Ernest Bower about the Indonesian presidential elections etc. - CSIS, 13 June 2014

Indonesia’s Fragile Future - Tempo English, 5 Jan 2014 -By James Castle, the founder and CEO of CastleAsia.

Newsmaker Interview: James Castle - AmCham Indonesia, 11 December, 2013

Indonesia’s Mining Malaise and Deeper Challenges to Growth Global Asia vol 8 no 4 winter 2013 via Amcham Indonesia - By James Castle, the founder and CEO of CastleAsia.

Indonesia: prospects for prosperity - By James Castle, the Chairman of CastleAsia and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. The following article appeared in “Great Decisions 2012” published by the Foreign Policy Association

Indonesia in 2013 and Beyond: Is Momentum Enough? - By James Castle, Tempo Magazine, January 2013

Video: Ernest Bower interviews James Castle, Founder of CastleAsia
The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Aug 2012

Interview with James Castle - Focus Reports on Energy

US-Indonesia? It's now a very rich relationships (James Castle Interview)- The Jakarta Globe, 4 July 2011

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Currency Rates as of 4 Mar 2015 (BI)  
US$ 1.00 12,963
Euro 1.00 14,478
Yen 1.00 108.2
GDP 2014 5.02%
GDP 2013 5.78%
GDP 2012 6.3%
Stock Index - IDX 4 Mar 2015 5,448
Stock Index - IDX End 2014 5,226
Interest Rate (BI Rate) - Feb 17, 2015 7.50%
Int'l Reserves - end Dec. 2014 (US$bn) 111.9
Inflation Feb 2015 6.29%
Inflation 2014 8.36%
Inflation 2013 8.38%